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20 Mar 2017

The Art of Cyber Security

Practice makes perfect. Where have we heard that before? This simple concept is followed in academia, the arts, sports, and I’m sure there are many other facets of life that...

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15 Mar 2017

Cyber Attacks – the ever-changing threat…

Not a day goes by when our screens are not filled with news of a new Cyber-attack being reported.

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10 Mar 2017

Evaluating Facts in "Post-Truth" Times

2016 was a pretty significant year for me.  It was the year I got married, bought a house with my husband, and said goodbye to my last living grandparent.  But...

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22 Feb 2017

Cost of an Exit

When a contract or personal relationship is ended, there are often costs involved that the parties fail to consider.

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21 Feb 2017

Global Risk and Disruption

CEO Angela MacPhee reflects on 2017 forecasts and the impact of disruption and global risk.

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20 Feb 2017

From Student to Forensic Accountant

As a student at University, important things consisted of 1) having at least 1 bag of pasta in the cupboard 2) having a solid Spotify playlist – in case circumstances...

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17 Feb 2017

Selling Myself as an Accountant

Last week, I reflected on the novelty of the concept of marketing and business development for a new accountant fresh out of school.

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17 Feb 2017

Disrupting Business Interruption Insurance

One of the interesting features of watching new products grow and develop is trying to predict which of the competing technologies will stand the test of time.

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10 Feb 2017

Marketing for Accountants? What’s that?

Wait, wait, wait. Marketing for accountants? And needing to educate the market about different kinds of accountants? Who would have thought this was something that needed to be done? Certainly...

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04 Feb 2017

Threats, Mistakes and Employees…

With technology dominating the world, we are seeing increases in security incidents on a daily basis.

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