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Commercial Litigation

A logistics contractor for an organizer of a prominent regional Air show claimed future loss of profits resulting from an alleged breach of contract. The evaluation of the Claim resulted in the prevention of the Claimant obtaining summary judgment against the Air show organizer.
A Determination Process required the accounting review of a series of claims made between a London broker and an Israeli insurance company regarding a number of binding authority and reinsurance contracts.
Appointed by lawyers in a commercial litigation matter to confirm authenticity of a document allegedly issued by the Securities Commission in Malaysia and to carry out public research to obtain a picture of the Chairman of a Malaysian public listed firm.
An Australian meat processing company suffered losses as a result of defective packaging material. Calculation of the losses revealed that sales were significantly lower than claimed, since the product was replaced and not lost.
A major dairy foods manufacturer in Ireland filed a business interruption claim following the supply of defective product into the food supply chain.
The calculation of several multi-million dollar disputes relating to soft-drinks product recalls in Japan, with meetings and documentation in Japanese.
An alleged breach of contract occurred involving a US company and its supplier in Europe. A delay in getting a new product to market carried potentially damaging implications. Quantification of loss of profit arising from the gap in the supply chain was evaluated, as were costs of sourcing the product from alternative suppliers.
A bulk purchaser of power in Zambia claimed that the National electricity generator was selling power directly to a newly constructed smelter in breach of an alleged exclusivity agreement.
Power plants were constructed in China owned by overseas investors. Authorities changed the agreement which had been entered into prior to construction, causing financial loss. Quantified the financial impact and losses sustained.
The Defendants were subcontractors for the Claimant in the construction of a Russian semiconductor plant but were terminated midway through the construction.
In the context of bankruptcy proceedings for an oil and gas company, RGL provided a forensic accounting analysis and valuation of the company.