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23 May 2017

Do the figures still matter?

Appealing to peoples’ emotions has always been a part of politics, however, in this era of Fake News, Post Truth and Alternative Facts, it seems like a day does not...

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19 May 2017

Tinkering with the SFO

The Conservative Party yesterday launched their manifesto, unveiling plans, if elected in June, to incorporate the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into the National Crime Agency (NCA).

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18 May 2017

This is not a drill! Now what?

The worst case scenario for your company became a reality this morning. You were reading the morning news and stumbled across an article with details from a data dump released...

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17 May 2017

From a Tennis Player to a Forensic Accountant

I started to play tennis quite late – as a 7 year old. I began competing in Regional competitions followed by National competitions and continued up to the Women’s league...

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15 May 2017

NHS Cyber Attack – A Wakeup Call?

The global ransomware based cyber attack that has brought large sections of the UK’s NHS to a standstill should represent a wakeup call to both buyers and sellers of cyber insurance.

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05 May 2017

The Next Batch: The Crossroads of Cyber Risk and Food Processing

It appears the next batch of food risks are starting to establish themselves…crisis management and food recall risk are intersecting with cyber risk.

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22 Apr 2017

The running cost of Gift Aid

On Sunday morning, I'll be full of admiration for everyone participating in the London Marathon. As each year passes, do you feel that you are increasingly sponsoring people facing their...

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21 Apr 2017

Is a Cyber attack a Cyber attack?

With shrinking budgets and time constraints within IT departments, it is becoming dangerously apparent that mistakes and / or events are not being fully investigated.

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04 Apr 2017

Lloyds of Brussels!

Brussels: The city that is the beating heart of the EU in terms of the administrative, legislative and regulatory functions, is now the city of choice for Lloyds of London...

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03 Apr 2017

It Depends...

We all know what happens when a traditional, brick and mortar business can’t open or operate for a length of time – lost customers, lost sales…the works.

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