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06 Jul 2017

Moneyball and Data Analytics

Reading an article about Moneyball today made me realize the similarities in the debate that has been raging in baseball since the early 2000s and the dialogue that currently exists...

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28 Jun 2017

Mutterings on Austerity and ‘Full Costing’

It looks as though the new political ascendancy will be reining in the austerity programme, so it struck me as fitting to write about the genesis of austerity – something...

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28 Jun 2017

Even when the IT industry knows, it fails...

Today news reports are providing early insight into the Petrwrap virus, which has hit major corporate companies throughout the world.

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19 Jun 2017

Cyber Risk Assessments

Our current cyber atmosphere is one wrought with fear. It seems we’re seeing a “hair on fire” or Y2K sort of pandemonium all over again.

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15 Jun 2017

Can Board Service Help Grow A Career?

As you develop through your career path, where you choose to spend your time can have a lasting impact for you.


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13 Jun 2017

A Different Kind of Modelling

My current and previous career hold a few similarities: working with interesting people, a need for patience and dedication, wearing smart suits, and opportunities to travel.

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06 Jun 2017

Collaboration in a Marital Dispute?

We often see in the movies, hear stories or maybe even experience the horrible fights over assets and custody that can ensue when a marriage ends.

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02 Jun 2017

British Airways Gridlock and the Cyber World…

News reports today indicated that the power outage that crippled the British Airways (BA) systems last weekend was due to human error.

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30 May 2017

Lions, Mathematics & Business Culture

There are many cycles in the sporting world that are quadrennial. The Olympics, World Cups, Euro’s and a Lions tour.

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23 May 2017

Do the figures still matter?

Appealing to peoples’ emotions has always been a part of politics, however, in this era of Fake News, Post Truth and Alternative Facts, it seems like a day does not...

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