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22 Apr 2017

The running cost of Gift Aid

On Sunday morning, I'll be full of admiration for everyone participating in the London Marathon. As each year passes, do you feel that you are increasingly sponsoring people facing their...

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21 Apr 2017

Is a Cyber attack a Cyber attack?

System Alert: Intrusion detectedWith shrinking budgets and time constraints within IT departments, it is becoming dangerously apparent that mistakes and / or events are not being fully investigated.

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04 Apr 2017

Lloyds of Brussels!

Brussels: The city that is the beating heart of the EU in terms of the administrative, legislative and regulatory functions, is now the city of choice for Lloyds of London...

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03 Apr 2017

It Depends...

We all know what happens when a traditional, brick and mortar business can’t open or operate for a length of time – lost customers, lost sales…the works.

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30 Mar 2017

UK Gilt yields and discount rates – Does the historical link still apply?

In a blog, last summer, I discussed the BHS Pension Scheme deficit.  

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29 Mar 2017

Brexit: And so it begins…

Last night Theresa May signed a letter to trigger Article 50. And so begins the actual process of leaving the EU.

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20 Mar 2017

The Art of Cyber Security

Practice makes perfect. Where have we heard that before? This simple concept is followed in academia, the arts, sports, and I’m sure there are many other facets of life that...

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15 Mar 2017

Cyber Attacks – the ever-changing threat…

Not a day goes by when our screens are not filled with news of a new Cyber-attack being reported.

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10 Mar 2017

Evaluating Facts in "Post-Truth" Times

2016 was a pretty significant year for me.  It was the year I got married, bought a house with my husband, and said goodbye to my last living grandparent.  But...

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22 Feb 2017

Cost of an Exit

When a contract or personal relationship is ended, there are often costs involved that the parties fail to consider.

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