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19 Sep 2017

Asking The Right Questions

September has arrived and summer is over. Here in the UK, the children have gone back to school and many of those who graduated from universities will be making their...

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14 Sep 2017

The ART of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance policies have historically focussed on the costs of restoration (of both systems and data) and PR costs (to protect reputational harm).

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29 Aug 2017

The Migration of Stock

Those who frequented the Lloyd’s Coffee House would be astounded to see what marine insurance has turned into.

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24 Aug 2017

Stepping Behind Headline Statistics

“Four in ten middle-aged adults are failing to manage even one 10-minute brisk walk a month”

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15 Aug 2017

Blind Trust

There are times when you have complete and blind trust in something. That childhood memory of a parent holding your hand a little tighter at the crosswalk and telling you...

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06 Aug 2017

Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut

If the business world was previously unaware of the various interdependencies within a global supply chain and their total reliance on computers, then it should be now.

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04 Aug 2017

Don't Be Scared of Scrutiny

The service expert witnesses provide is an important one, which is why it is crucial that testifying professionals maintain high standards, especially in litigation cases.

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27 Jul 2017

An Award-Winning Finale to Britain’s Biscuit Crisis

In the carefree pre-Brexit, pre-Trump days of early 2016, the story dominating national media was the impending doom of the biscuit shortage.

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06 Jul 2017

Moneyball and Data Analytics

Reading an article about Moneyball today made me realize the similarities in the debate that has been raging in baseball since the early 2000s and the dialogue that currently exists...

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28 Jun 2017

Mutterings on Austerity and ‘Full Costing’

It looks as though the new political ascendancy will be reining in the austerity programme, so it struck me as fitting to write about the genesis of austerity – something...

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