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19 Oct 2016

Why does corruption matter?

Anyone who regularly follows anti-corruption enforcement actions can easily become desensitized to the headlines…multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations paying hundred million dollar settlements for bad acts in some faraway land.

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05 Oct 2016

Is it time for a pumpkin spice latte already?

Autumn seems to be a season you either love or hate.  Summer has ended and soon it will only be light for part of the day at work.  Some people...

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20 Sep 2016

The Correlation is Not Always Obvious…

Knowing and understanding the many pieces in calculating damages from a product recall is an important piece of the puzzle when examining product recall coverage.

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16 Sep 2016

When is a trend not a trend?

Been on holiday anywhere nice this summer? Have you noticed more people have chosen Spain this year? I for one went there for the first time in well over a decade...

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08 Sep 2016

Common misconceptions… about work culture

 Jokes and cultural references do not travel well and are hard to translate and localise to a different culture. Comedians know that jokes are based on cultural understanding, have a familiarity...

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02 Sep 2016

Cyber & Old School Solutions

The 1960’s is still viewed as one of the 20th Century’s musical high water marks. It gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Bob Dylan...

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19 Aug 2016

Pension Fund Deficits – behind the headlines

There has recently been a great deal of media coverage on the subject of Pension Fund deficits whether relating to individual companies such as BHS or Tata Steel or the...

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19 Aug 2016

Here We Go Again……..

The news that Sage, the UK software company, has experienced a data breach adds that company to a rather inauspicious list.

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17 Aug 2016

Do Waiting Periods Work in Cyber Claims?

One thing RGL are looking closely at is how to quantify business interruption insurance claims arising from cyber events.

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09 Aug 2016

You scratch mine and I will scratch yours...

I was recently asked this question by a partner in a law firm: “To what extent will your firm be able to pass work back to us?” In this instance...

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