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01 Aug 2018

An Opportunity for Fraud

On July 16, 2018, Thomas Scott Taylor was sentenced to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $492,689 for his role in embezzling from...

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23 Jul 2018

Common Issues Facing Business Today

From year to year, the most critical issues facing firms of our size are often the same. While there are always new topics and trends that arise in the market each year, the core issues relate to the fundamental elements of any business, especially in the middle market.

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21 Jun 2018

So What Exactly Do You Do?

'Forensic' is such an interesting term to have attached to a firm name and profession. When I meet people for the first time, I often get a host of responses and questions. So what is forensic accounting?

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18 Jun 2018

Design Patent Infringer Profits Since the Apple/Samsung Supreme Court Decision

As forensic accountants and damages experts, we often provide assistance to attorneys and expert testimony regarding infringer profits in design patent infringement cases.

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24 May 2018

Women in Executive Roles

Women comprise half of the world’s population and control a large portion of consumer spending. Integrating their perspective is smart corporate strategy. Our leadership and advisory groups should reflect the diversity of our clients.

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22 May 2018

Loss of Prize Earnings of a Tennis Player - Part 2

In Part 1, I looked at different insurance policies that an athlete can purchase. In this article, I have a closer look at how professional tennis player’s loss of earnings...

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26 Apr 2018

Embracing Technology Change

Technology is a constant evolution. New technologies, like AI, robotic process automation and blockchain technology will have a significant impact on all businesses and present an opportunity to embrace.

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25 Apr 2018

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, what have you done...

Well, a positive that can be taken from the Facebook data leak is that it highlights the need for stricter external vendor controls and ongoing monitoring /maintenance.

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17 Apr 2018

Tax Law Implications for Divorce Proceedings

As forensic accountants, we provide assistance to attorneys regarding financial issues in divorce proceedings, including alimony, standard of living, distribution of the marital estate, business and pension valuations, and tracing...

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04 Apr 2018

Blue Passports - Abnormally Low Tender or Disruptor?

The UK Home Office’s recent award of a £490m contract for producing the post-Brexit “blue” British passport has been hitting the news recently, mainly due to the fact that the...

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