Blind Trust

There are times when you have complete and blind trust in something. That childhood memory of a parent holding your hand a little tighter at the crosswalk and telling you to “hang on” or “wait”, without any further explanation. Maybe a moment in your life when you told a close friend a secret, knowing that you’ll never hear a peep of it from others.

But can we speak of moments of trust like that in the business world?

Legal contracts, non-disclosure agreements, engagement letters, scopes of work, and other mutual agreements between entities only go so far. But do these protect against errors or intentional data theft? Pointing fingers and shaming the other side may be satisfying at first but fails to solve the issue at hand. Does the service providing party have the client’s best interest in mind? Is the engagement just another transaction?

Today’s reality is one wrought with fear and lack of trust. News reports telling us that the source of data breaches or leaks are service providers or third party vendors only adds to the real concern. Who can we trust with our data? Should we grant them blind trust?

Don’t be afraid to ask a service provider about controls, policies, or any other relevant concerns. Doing so will enable you to build the appropriate level of trust built on a solid foundation. Transparency and open dialogue with the client is vital and beneficial. These qualities tend to support a successful and positive client interaction.


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If the business world was previously unaware of the various interdependencies within a global supply chain and their total reliance on computers, then it should be now. The recent WannaCry and Petya/Not Petya attacks caused significant disruption to a number of blue chip companies.

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