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Correcting Claimed Future Scenarios
Correcting Claimed Future Scenarios

Provided rebuttal testimony on a claim for lost business value in a waste recycling venture in Florida. Case involved continuously revising claimed future scenarios corrected based on our rebuttal analysis. Case settled before trial on favorable terms to the client.

  • Legal / Valuation
  • Disputes / Contractual Dispute
  • United States
Balancing Physical and Market Losses

One of the world's largest petrochemicals companies suffered damage to fifteen Gulf Coast facilities following Hurricane Ike, resulting in a claim for financial losses of about US$500 million. RGL was appointed in the arbitration to quantify the business interruption losses, taking into account the impact of the economic downturn, market volatility in product margins, production make-up and constraints imposed by integration of upstream and downstream plants. Calculations were complicated by the timing with the global financial crisis.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property / CAT
  • United States
Production Loss at Gold mine

A Ghana gold mine experienced a machinery breakdown. Reviewed impacts on mining, milling and refining, and whether the loss of production could be made up after the interruption. Worked with basic, incomplete financial and production records in a remote area.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Energy, Mining & Utilities
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Ghana
Computer Forensic Analysis Supports Fraud Investigation

RGL investigated a suspected employee fraud within an international chemicals company. The Forensic Technology team analyzed the employee’s computer to unravel the evidence that supported the allegations and uncovered artifacts that demonstrated the employee’s knowledge and intent to commit fraud. RGL reviewed and made recommendations to the company’s procurement controls that would remedy a lapse in controls. Findings that substantiated the fraud claims alleged against the employee were presented to the company.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
  • Cyber Consulting / Financial Lines
  • United States
Publishing Small
Dual Records Hide Fraud

Reviewed a fraud/fidelity claim brought by the German branch of a US-based information services and publishing company, whereby an office manager allegedly stole from the company in a scheme involving two sets of accounting records.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Financial Lines / Crime & Fidelity
  • Germany
Lloyd's of London Cancels Binder

Two Lloyd's of London syndicates requested review of several treaties with Russian motor insurers placed under a single coverholder agreement. Underwriters had concerns regarding undeclared premium, overstated claims costs and poor management controls. Following review, the binder was cancelled.

  • Insurance / Investigation
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Russia
Report for Court Appointed Receiver
Report for Court-Appointed Receiver

Engaged by a court-appointed receiver for a real estate management company to recreate records, trace misappropriated funds from source to disposition, identify commingled assets, and conduct a forensic review of corporate, personal and investment activity for a six year period.

  • Legal / Investigation
  • Business & Professional Services
  • Forensic Investigation / Asset tracing / Misappropriation
  • United States
Claim Withdrawn for Insufficient Loss

A major European fertilizer producer suffered a fire at its ammonia reformer which impacted down-stream on-site production and also production at sister companies. Conducted a preliminary review of the claimed loss of profits and increased costs of working on behalf of on reinsurers and identified that the losses sustained did not breach the Insured’s retention. The claim was therefore withdrawn. 

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Agribusiness
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Germany
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