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Outages at Aluminium Extrusion Presses

Reviewed a number of losses suffered by Saudi manufacturers of aluminium products following unrelated outages at extrusion presses and claimed loss of profit and increased costs of working. The claim review took into account capacity utilisation, overtime savings and underinsurance.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Energy, Mining & Utilities
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Saudi Arabia
Dawn Raids

Participation in dawn raids at various business premises and home addresses with government agencies under Proceeds of Crime Act and Scottish fisheries protection legislation. The work involved on-site acquisition of data plus seizure and examination of computer equipment.

  • Corporate / Investigation
  • Government / Public Services
  • Cyber Consulting / Forensic Investigation / Forensic Technology
  • United Kingdom
Third Party Recall Claims

Acted on behalf of a corporate client who was faced with multiple claims submitted against them by various third parties. The company was responsible for supplying an ingredient that led to the recall of various third party products. Claims were submitted by customers for RGL review. Our review on behalf of the company responsible for supplying the ingredient enabled them to accurately assess the settlement values for each claim submitted.

  • Corporate / Quantification
  • Manufacturing
  • Crisis Claims Consulting
  • United States
Salmonella Contamination Crosses the Globe

Engaged to determine the loss resulting from Salmonella contamination of ingredients which were supplied via a co-op arrangement in Illinois to four internationally known fast food restaurant chains. Analysis and review allowed insurers to negotiate a settlement.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Manufacturing
  • Liability / Casualty
  • United States
Demand for Nickel
Demand for Nickel

Run-outs at one of the furnaces in a nickel mine in Venezuela resulted in a claim for business interruption. Our analysis focused on expected production levels, variable cost of production, pricing structures, market demands and a review of maintenance schedules.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Venezuela
Seasonal Business Losses

Reviewed business interruption and stock loss arising from destruction of the annual harvest of flower seeds due to damage to greenhouse facilities in Guatemala. The review included long term assessment of the effect of loss on this seasonal business operating in a highly competitive industry, and a review of a system of internal pricing and overhead allocation spanning several countries.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Agribusiness
  • Property / Property Damage
  • Guatemala
US DOJ Investigation of Ponzi Scheme

A businessman formed his own investment company and was later convicted of running a US $35 million Ponzi scheme. RGL was retained by the US Department of Justice to investigate thousands of transactions and trace transactions for asset recovery.

  • Legal / Investigation
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Forensic Investigation / Asset tracing / Misappropriation
  • United States
Multiple Unrelated Breakdowns

Review of a US$11m loss of profit and increased costs of working claim resulting from multiple unrelated breakdowns of gas turbines at a Turkish electricity producer. The review took into account market movements which would have occurred in any event, potential makeup at the unaffected units and savings. The review was complicated by the allocation of the total loss to each incident which was based on theoretical losses assuming that each breakdown occurred in isolation.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • Turkey
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