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Closed by the Health Authority
Closed by the Health Authority

Reports of food poisoning prompted the insured to recall and discard 400 contaminated cakes. The insured’s Singapore factory was shut down for a month by the health authorities. Reviewed resulting claim for loss of profit and increased cost of working. 

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Manufacturing
  • Liability / Casualty
  • Singapore
Financial Motive for Arson
Financial Motive for Arson

Analyzed the financial condition of a retail store destroyed by fire. Following the analysis and police investigation, provided testimony for the grand jury and criminal trial regarding the business owner’s financial motive for arson. The owner was convicted and jailed.

  • Legal / Quantification
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Forensic Investigation / Fraud
  • United States
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Bankruptcy Driven Valuation

Our professionals were engaged to determine the value of a portfolio of over 100,000 internet domains to support a successful Section 363 bankruptcy auction.

  • Corporate / Valuation
  • Technology, Media & Telecoms
  • Corporate consulting / Valuation
  • United States
Balancing Physical and Market Losses

One of the world's largest petrochemicals companies suffered damage to fifteen Gulf Coast facilities following Hurricane Ike, resulting in a claim for financial losses of about US$500 million. RGL was appointed in the arbitration to quantify the business interruption losses, taking into account the impact of the economic downturn, market volatility in product margins, production make-up and constraints imposed by integration of upstream and downstream plants. Calculations were complicated by the timing with the global financial crisis.

  • Insurance / Quantification
  • Property / CAT
  • United States
Compensation for Fast Food Workers
Compensation for Fast Food Workers

Report and testimony for class action lawsuit over unpaid wages involving a fast food chain in Oregon. Interviewed hundreds of employees and valued each individual claim for a multi-year period using Oregon’s Bureau of Labor & Industry (BOLI) laws. 

  • Legal / Investigation
  • Disputes
  • United States
New Packaging After Product Tampering

Following a product tampering incident, the insured presented a resulting loss of sales claim based on the revised packaging of the product. Considerations in the claim review included production substitution and market share. 

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Manufacturing
  • Property / Business Interruption
  • United Kingdom
FTech Recovery

An international law firm instructed RGL to review a claim for reconstruction costs after a turbine fire at a South African power station. Initial claim data disclosed was compiled manually and deemed unreliable. Working in South Africa with the station’s IT staff, our Forensic Technology team obtained the necessary data from SAP accounts systems to reconcile the original claim presented. A revised claim schedule was submitted and successfully used by the claimant’s and defendant’s experts.

  • Insurance / Quantification / Investigation
  • Energy, Mining & Utilities
  • Cyber Consulting / Forensic Investigation / Property / Forensic Technology
  • South Africa
To Sell or Not to Sell

A company’s largest customer approached it with a unique proposal — to buy its flagship brand. The offer raised a number of business issues: the value of the overall company, the brand value contribution, and the value of the customer relationship. Using customer analytics to evaluate these factors, the company was able to make an informed decision to decline the offer — and is today doing more business than ever with the customer.

  • Corporate / Quantification
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate consulting / Data Analytics
  • United States
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