Coca-Cola, Nestle targeted by poisoning attack threats

News, Business InsuranceDecember 2016

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As published by Business Insurance, Simon Oddy comments on potential loss considerations in a threatened food-poisoning attack just days before Christmas.

As appeared in Business Insurance, 21 December 2016

By: Rob Lenihan

A threatened food-poisoning attack in Greece against The Coca-Cola Co. and other companies just days before Christmas requires a quick response and thorough investigation, insurance industry analysts said Wednesday.


Simon Oddy, a partner at forensic accounting firm RGL Forensics in New York, warned that product recalls and withdrawals can result in large unplanned costs and financial losses. 

“In this case,” Mr. Oddy said in an email, “the costs will likely include investigation costs into the alleged threat, in an effort to confirm if it’s real, and, if so, which batches of product are affected, and where they are.

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