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In the July 2017 CCH Public Accounting Report, published by Wolters Kluwer, leaders cite technological disruption, HR dynamics as emerging opportunities that demand attention now.

As appeared in the CCH Public Accounting Report, July 2017.

One of the primary roles of an accounting firm leader is acting as a trend-spotter. CEOs continually interact with others within their firms, the profession, their communities, and with clients and prospects. This month, accounting firm executives discuss significant changes they see as emerging trends and explain how their firms will adapt—or already are adapting—to capitalize on them.


Angela MacPhee, CEO, RGL Forensics/Denver (33 partners; 185 total staff, 26 offices):

The changing picture of global risk is probably the single biggest change I see in the market today. There are many elements that factor into global risk, including disruption concerns ranging from cyber security to terrorism, fluctuations in the global economy, concerns over changing cross-border commerce and the increasing complexity of the global supply chain. RGL Forensics has poised itself to respond to these events quickly and efficiently by focusing on further developing our forensic technology labs, enhancing our cyber consulting services, and [managing] strategic geographic growth to meet the changing needs of our clients. Concerns over global risk are influencing, if not outright dictating, changes in the way we conduct business and provide service to our clients. As we come into the second half of 2017, the reality of what global risk means today and will mean in the future must shape how we prepare our companies and clients.

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