How Helpful will EU Testing of Bank's Cyber-Security be?

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With recent news that the EU is contemplating plans to test banks’ ability to repel cyber-attacks, thereby mirroring current measures put in place by the Bank of England, Lawyer Monthly hears from Mike Allison, Global IT Security Manager at RGL Forensics, who here voices his thoughts on the potential ramifications, and future of the European Union’s program engagements.

As posted in Lawyer Monthly on 2nd February 2017

Information Security is continuing to be a significant area of concern in businesses all the way up to the C-Suite with daily campaigns launched by cyber criminals against organisations across the globe. Organisations are finding themselves having to confront difficulties that previously would have been pushed to the back of the priority queue, or simply ignored. Governments and political organisations are now stepping in, feeling that the industries previously left to fend for themselves now need active assistance and formalised guidance. 

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