RGL Forensics Expands in Europe with Opening of Frankfurt Office

Press ReleaseSeptember 2016

Insurance / Legal / Corporate

Christian Skodczinski appointed as RGL Partner and Head of Frankfurt office

LONDON, UK; 5 SEPTEMBER 2016— RGL Forensics (“RGL” or “the Company”), a leading financial investigations company specialising in the insurance, legal and corporate markets globally, is pleased to announce that it has expanded into Europe with the opening of an office in Frankfurt, Germany. The Company has appointed Christian Skodczinski, an accomplished forensic accountant formerly of SV-Büro Skodczinski, as an RGL partner and head of the new office.

Mr. Skodczinski specialises in reviewing complex business interruption and stock losses on behalf of insurers, law firms and businesses, and brings with him more than a decade of experience in forensic accounting. Prior to this, he spent 17 years with the Bayer Group in Germany and Singapore. Mr. Skodczinski has worked closely with members of RGL’s London office on losses in Germany and abroad, acting as the Company’s German correspondent office since 2015. Mr. Skodczinski and RGL have worked on over 30 joint cases including measuring business interruption losses of a German power company in the UK and of a British paper company in Germany; a fraud claim for a US insurer in a German company; and a product liability claim of a German company in the US.

Mr. Skodczinski will be joined by his colleague Julia Clemens-Bayer, and also by Craig Hamilton who has relocated from RGL’s London office to support the growing business.

“We are delighted to welcome Christian to RGL, having worked together successfully for over 10 years. His expertise and knowledge of the Central European markets will be invaluable as we continue to operate as one firm,” said Angela MacPhee, CEO of RGL Forensics. “The German insurance market has a close affinity to the London market and so this was a natural choice for our first permanent European location outside the UK. The Frankfurt office strengthens RGL’s global footprint in an important region, and is a platform for further growth and leveraging additional synergies.”

As a financial services hub for Continental Europe, Frankfurt is home to major insurers, brokers and law firms operating in the global insurance market, which handle both international claims in Germany and claims of German companies in neighbouring countries. From Frankfurt, RGL will be able to easily reach the primary industrial regions of Germany, where many leading global manufacturing companies are located, as well as Central Europe where it can leverage the connections with German industry.

“I am pleased to be joining RGL, to integrate my present business and to be leading this new office,” added Christian Skodczinski. “With the additional resources and global reach, we will be able to handle more and higher-value claims simultaneously. Also, having a permanent presence in Frankfurt will enable RGL to better serve its international clients by offering, in-house, specialists with broad experience in the handling of claims in the German and Central European markets. Our clients in Germany will benefit from access to RGL’s international network and the breadth of expertise that exists in the Company. I look forward to working with my new partners and to leading the growth of the Frankfurt office.”


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