RGL opens new office in Miami

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LatAm Insurance Review spoke with Carlos A. Rivera about RGL's new office in Miami, Florida, and the importance of this office for RGL's operations in Latin America.

As appeared in LatAm Insurance Review, July 6, 2016.

By: Alicia Dimas

RGL Forensics has opened a new office in Miami, and appointed Carlos A. Rivera to lead the new team.

In an exclusive interview with Latam Insurance Review, Rivera explained the importance of Miami for RGL’s operations in Latin America, saying that Miami has long served as a gateway to and from Latin America, in terms of business, travel and services.

“More than that, Miami is a pivotal hub for the Latin American insurance market,” Rivera said.

“Though many insurers, adjusters and experts opted several years ago to begin managing their Latin American operations from within South America, we are seeing a definite influx of insurance related professionals and service firms reemerging in Miami, making it a hub once again.”

Rivera said that: “the insurance industry is a perpetually changing environment, specifically in Latin America due to the region’s growth, unpredictability and sometimes even its volatility.”

The one constant is the strategic geographic significance of Miami as a vital connection point for businesses and providers with operations in Latin America and headquarters in the US, he added.

The Miami office complements the global financial investigations company’s office in Santiago, Chile.

“The way I think of it is that RGL now has offices that flank Latin America to the north and the south, and that each office has a unique and important perspective to offer,” Rivera told Latam IR.

“From Miami we have a detailed understanding of the US insurance market, while our Santiago office has a long history with the London insurance and reinsurance markets.”

He said that the collaboration of these two teams is not just a logistical pairing, but a necessary partnership to effectively handle claims across the region.

“The relationship that Andrew Greenland, RGL partner in Santiago, and I share is one of mutual benefit and we complement each other by sharing our industry expertise and knowledge of specific markets,” Rivera added.

The Latin American insurance market is vastly assimilated, including policies being written from both the US and London markets, so when a loss occurs, the insurer and insured may be local, regional or global.

Hence, Rivera concludes that RGL’s ability to efficiently respond regardless of the location of the incident is a compelling benefit for its clients in Latin America.

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