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Bernard ReganMSc, MBCS

Head of Forensic Technology | Global Director of IT

Bernard has in-depth experience of a number of IT systems particularly in server and e-mail environments.

Bernard specialises in the application and management of computer forensics processes. This focus includes conducting investigations, implementation of document and data e-discovery systems, data analysis and data visualisation. His expertise focuses on:

  • Cyber Security & Digital Forensics
  • Data Analytics
  • E-Discovery

Supporting the forensic accountants and investigators at RGL, Bernard has overseen numerous projects involving the acquisition and examination of data from individual PCs and wider computer network systems, including the extraction and examination of large transaction level datasets for investigation or reporting.

Bernard has constructed scaled document review solutions to support individual investigations, ranging from small CD based options to multi-user internet accessible solutions. He has analyzed databases from live computer networks and backup tapes, and prepared electronic documents, including emails, and scanned paper documents for disclosure in commercial litigation cases.

Bernard Regan


BSc Computer Studies (Hons), 2004    
MSc Information Security and Computer Crime, 2005

Professional History

2005 – Present RGL Forensics, London, UK